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tationary bikes come in two basic types

The pedals are positioned in front of you. As an added bonus, recumbent bicycles exercise your hamstrings and hips at a different angle than the upright models. . An indoor bicycle is one of the most effective pieces of aerobic equipment that you can use. Want to exercise your arms, too? Check out the dual action bikes. For these reasons, a recumbent is an excellent choice if you experience chronic lower back pain, or are overweight and find sitting upright for an extended period to be too difficult. It s a bit like sitting in your favorite recliner. It also can be a good cardio machine to use for a change of pace in your routine, and to enjoy a new style of muscle stimulation. These models feature movable handlebars, helping you to tone your upper body and boosting your calorie burning efforts to the next level. In this age of iPod compatible treadmills, elliptical ebike trainers outfitted with Internet access, and other space age fitness equipment, the ordinary stationary bike seems to have been all but forgotten. Maintaining proper form is a no brainer. The model you ll choose depends upon your specific needs and goals.Have you ever wondered if you should bother using an exercise bike? If you have, you re not alone. Since this style of bike doesn t include any back support, maintaining proper form during use is especially important. It includes a saddle (the more comfortable, the better) and pedals placed directly beneath your legs. This is a clear advantage over treadmills and elliptical trainers. There are dozens of manufacturers that offer quality exercise bicycle models. Common Features in Both Types of Indoor Cycles Both types of exercise bikes usually include consoles designed to make it easy to read a book or magazine while you re burning those calories. You can track your calories burned and distance traveled, monitor your heart rate, adjust the resistance and speed, follow pre programmed workouts, and on some models, even surf the Internet and play video games. The Recumbent Bike A recumbent, on the other hand, includes a bucket style seat. Stationary bikes come in two basic types: upright, and recumbent. The next time you re searching for exercise equipment for your home gym, give an exercise bike a try. If you don't suffer from lower back issues, using an upright bike is a great way to put in an intense cardiovascular workout and thoroughly exercise your legs. Some of the best known brands are Schwinn, Stamina, Reebok, Lifecycle, and Proform. Think these machines are short on technology? Think again. It shouldn t be. With those machines, you re bouncing up and down so much that it s virtually impossible to read words on a page. The Upright Bike An upright bike resembles a typical outdoor bicycle. Today s exercise bikes offer electronic features that rival anything you can find on a treadmill. These machines offer a proven way to improve your cardiovascular health and strengthen and tone your calves, thighs, hips, and other important muscles, all while minimizing the impact on your knees, ankles, and lower back. The results might surprise you.
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